Because Books!!

I completed reading the last book of Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi 2 days back. After a long while I feel like crying even after two days, I was feeling sad the whole evening. I've never been so attached to a book or a character this much. I get over with it at most in [...]


Just Some Random Thoughtsđź‘Š

I haven't written in here for a long while now, I was a bit unwell and then I had my exams so I was a little busy. I'm actually distracted right now, there's this stupid mosquito that is following me around, it has already bitten me a few times. I'm looking out for it and [...]

Happy Women’s Day!!!

Happy Women's Day. Women's day is that one day in the year when every guy you know sends you messages on WhatsApp. It's as if suddenly everyone realise you are a woman, there will be different messages in the images, gifs and videos that make you feel so empowering!! The TV channels put up show's [...]

Some Alone Time

It's so good sometimes to be alone. Of course it is the only option left when your classes get over by 9:30 and you don't want to go home and hang out with friends but those friends so badly want to go home that they left you alone, and it doesn't help the fact that [...]

My Take On AI Robots

These days I've got really interested in this artificial intelligence (AI) robots. I've been following all the development that's going on with AI for some time now and it's amazing what they are doing. I'm awed from all this technology, robots stuff, sometimes it's unbelievable. And it's useful too, these robots in some years might [...]