It is quarantine time in this country and we find ourselves at home locked up. I have been at home for almost 15 days now. I kind of quarantined myself early on. To say the least I don’t mind staying at home and I feel like this the introvert heaven. I’m just happy to sit at home and read books, write or binge watch some series on my phone. This may not be case for everybody; my friends are bored out of their minds, with nothing to do and nowhere to go. My dad is very restless and is constantly trying to do something to keep himself occupied. He is bored of watching TV now. He just ends up sleeping for the most part the day.

Even as I say that I don’t mind staying at home I realize how much I miss the little things that happened in my life every day. The small trivial things that had become a part of my routine unconsciously became a major nostalgia. One of these things that I have started missing shockingly is getting ready. I was never a person who liked dressing up. It is a routine I follow every day and try to do it as quickly as I can just to be done with it. I was surprised when I opened my cupboard and saw all the clothes lying in there and thought of how I would not wear them for maybe a month now.

The last day at office right before lock down the trees around our office building were just starting to bloom and I was really looking forward to look at the picturesque beauty while taking walks after lunch. I miss those walks, now I’m just getting stuffy sitting at home all day.

All these days I complained about the coffee that we got at work. Now I miss that even as I drink the best coffee at home prepared by my ma. I miss the chats we had as we drank coffee every evening.

Life seems to be a set pattern that once started goes on the same way for the rest of your life. Just like how nature works, how one season follows the other, like how the planets revolve around the sun and it is the most natural thing in the world.

At times there might be floods, drought, storm. The tranquility is shattered but whenever something like that happens nature adjusts itself and continues to go on as if nothing ever happened. It just beautifully sets itself in a slightly changed pattern that no one will ever notice and carries on until some other problem arises.

As people we follow the same rule, our lives are also set in patterns that alters itself as we grow old the only difference might be the time that each of these pattern follows. We start going to school and everything around us changes and falls into a pattern of waking up getting ready, attending school , come back home, take a nap, do your homework, watch TV or go to coaching classes or play for a while, study again and go to sleep.

This pattern continues until we finish our schooling and join college; our lives changes again that time as we find ourselves in a new world among new people, new friends, new challenges, new triumphs. Then we start working and there starts a new pattern of more challenges more strange people stranger and actual realities that your innocent over confident mind takes time to comprehend and understand. You will find allies and adversaries in people whom you have never seen. Life again adjusts and shifts and falls into a different pattern until the next wave comes and it goes on until you live.

No one ever gives a thought about these changes that happen in our lives because it is probably the most natural thing to happen and also because we are conditioned, subconsciously to expect these changes. It is always about the choice of science or commerce once you have cleared you 10th it is always about the choice to decide upon the best college for your degree and the best job and so on. One will notice these changes when it doesn’t happen to him or her. If you fail in your 10th and see all you friends going to a college, getting new friends, new phones that is when you notice the changes and not in a positive way. You are conditioned to expect the changes that happen to include you passing your exam but not what might be next course for you now that you have failed. The most natural thing doesn’t seem natural anymore.

That is the storm in your life and nature has a perfect way to cope with all sorts of changes be it good or bad but we humans never factor in that part of the equation.

In times like these when you are locked up at home and the pattern of your life is disturbed you are at a loss. Suddenly you have a lot of time on hand but have nothing to do. Well, this is also a phase of life and will fall into its own pattern soon but what is that pattern to be is for you to decide. Since it is always for you to decide what the pattern of your life is to be. Do you just want to go school since everyone around are going? Maybe yes but what you do at school is for you decide, you want to learn or not? do you want to make friends or not? So what will you do now that you have failed 10th that is for you to decide and then your life will again fall into place in a new way.

Life is a pattern for sure but nonetheless it is your life your pattern.

We sure are missing the little things in our life, be it a cup of coffee or a chatting with your buddies but I’m sure we will find new things in this time we spend at home that we will miss once we leave this nightmare behind us. So now that we are all stuck at home in these critical times let’s sit back and think about how we can help each other by staying at home, by ensuring that other are safe along with us.

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