Happy Makara Sankranti!!

Happy Makar Sankranti everyone!! This is a special post because it's my favourite festival, the first festival this year and a favourite one. I love this festival mainly because it's the transition of sun from one position to other which basically means there will be more sunny days and the winter ends. Now for anyone [...]


My Best Reads of 2017

As a new year starts I think it's a good idea to write about the books that I have read in the past year. This blog will be about my most favorite books and you may find your favourite ones too. These are the books that made laugh, cry and think about things differently, change [...]

Happy New Year!!!

The end of another year, the change in the calendar.....a new day and so comes​the new year!! This year has been really different....I was different. I changed as a person, grew up probably, learnt a few lessons, realised who is a friend and who's not, I got to know myself more. I discovered new music, [...]

Pointless Conversation’s.

I've always been amused at how people talk....... it's​ different with different people. I've been to my relatives home recently, with my mom. It was a house filled with people atleast fifteen to twenty years older than me and that gap made a whole lot of difference. Their  thought process or just their idea of [...]


Poem Restless night's I spend, Tossing and turning on my bed, Awaiting dawn, To continue a journey to the unknown, Trying to shut thousands of thoughts, Twinkling like ​thousands of stars, A new day, a new way, More bumps, more hurdles, Happy for those occasionally​ smooth highway's, With some music and a book always, Restless [...]