Best Reads Of 2019

I know it might be a little too late to do a recap of 2019 but then I didn’t want to break the tradition and like they say it’s never too late. 2019 had some of my best reads and I found some new authors. I also found one my favorite book ever. So here [...]

Book Review: The Boy Who Loved.

Genre: Fiction, Romance Author: Durjoy Datta Published on: 2017 Published by: Penguin Random House Goodreads rating: 3.6/5* Blurb: Raghu likes to show that there is nothing remarkable about his life—loving, middle-class parents, an elder brother he looks up to and plans to study in an IIT. And that’s how he wants things to seem—normal. Deep [...]


A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks: Book Review.

A Walk To Remember: Nicholas Sparks Genre: Drama, Romance Novel Author: Nicholas Sparks Published on: 1999 Published by: Grand central publishing Number of pages: 240 Blurb: Landon Carter would never have dreamed of asking Jamie Sullivan out, but a twist of fate throws them together. In the months that follow, Landon breaks down Jamie's natural [...]

While My Pretty One Sleeps: Marry Higgins Clark (book review)

I've read a few other books by Marry Higgins Clark before this, so I dug into this book as soon as I laid my hands on it. The book was published in 1989 and was number 10 in publisher's weekly best selling book that year. The gist of the story is that Neeve Kearney, owner [...]