You Broke My Heart Today 💔💔

As I sit here tonight,
lonely in the dark night,
With my eyes full of tears,Your voice haunts me, when you told me the one thing that I never wanted to hear.

For I always knew, it was not meant to be,
But reason, my heart didn’t see.

Oh! You blissfully ignorant,
Didn’t you feel the dearness in my voice,
The love in my eyes.
Didn’t you ever see the smile on my lips when I saw your face.
My heart races at the sound of your voice,
My face turns red at that look in your eyes,

You broke my heart today,

You saw me cry, you thought you angered me,
But how would you know, it’s far worse that it broke me.

I wish I could tell you,
That my heart craves for an embrace,
I wish I could tell you,
How I love you, in all your flaws and your perfection.

I’m ready to meet you on the next day
With a brave smile on my face,
So that I preserve my dignity, be that as it may.

What’s wrong? You ask me,
How do I explain when words fail me,
For all I know, you hardly care.
How do I tell you,
That I lost a part of myself in you.

You broke my heart today,

I know I’ll get over it someday,
I have to see you everyday, smile when you look at me, laugh at your stupid jokes,
While I bury my sorrow,
And pretend to look forward to the morrow.

Here I sit writing this ode to you,
While you are out there having a good day, with someone who means more to you.
Yes, my dear you broke my heart today,
I don’t blame you, the fault is not yours to bear,
For my heart is beyond repair.



© Vaishnavi

All Rights Reserved