Empowered or Not?

It’s always amazes me how hypocritical people can be. On one hand they speak about gender equality, liberty, freedom of speech and all these things but on the other they frown when a girl comes home after 7 or 8 at night. I strayed from writing about this subject before because I thought enough has been said about this.
Apparently not, it doesn’t matter how much has been said or what has been said, people don’t understand.

I was kinda jolted to reality today when I realised it has got nothing to do with changing mindest of the society because society changes when people change but that is not happening. The fact that few celebrities, politicians or businessmen talking and writing about this subject doesn’t mean anything unless people who read it understand it and change their way of thinking.

It’s easy to have an opinion on a subject like this and propagate it to the outside world when you don’t follow it yourself.

What amazed me more is that educated people who speak about how shitty this country is getting are themselves biased and hypocrites.

You just see a guy and girl together, you instinctively start thinking that something is going on between them. If you see them talking for a while and are a bit friendly why do you have to assume anything at all. In any case even if there is any relationship at all between them how is it in any way relevant to you. How on earth can you judge a persons character or someone’s relationship with someone else just based on how they speak with each other.

You give a snide remark with an evil side grin “Nice walk ha?” After you saw your team mate go for a walk with her friend. I notice things like this happening and always feel like laughing aloud and tell the person how foolish and childish that remark was. I understand kids doing it school, not a full grown adult with a full grown brain.

What brothers me is that, your perspective of a person’s character changes as and when you see them talking and going out with her friend then what does that say about your character?

In this day and age where women are kicking ass in every field, she will be called desperate if she told a guy she likes him out front. After all the progress this country has it is still so backwards in terms of such basic and instinctive nature of human life.
I think it stems from the fact that these things are ever discussed at home, parents want no part of this conversation to even happen, then you are shoved into the world and have to figure out everything on your own.

A #metoo movement is not enough to empower women, writing articles or making movies is not enough, even changing laws doesn’t help in creating gender equality as long as the importance of that is not understood by people in general. There is no need to change the law to make women feel empowered the day people stop talking about how some girl was drinking at party or how short her dress was, when she doesn’t have to hesitate before knocking on the door at 1:00 at night or when she isn’t refused promotion because she is a women, when she doesn’t think about her character being judged by others before telling a guy that she likes him, when she doesn’t have to think about her reputation or the effect it will have on her career or her family before taking any decision in her life. That is when women will feel equal, empowered, respected and safe.

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