Because Books!!

I completed reading the last book of Shiva trilogy by Amish Tripathi 2 days back. After a long while I feel like crying even after two days, I was feeling sad the whole evening. I’ve never been so attached to a book or a character this much. I get over with it at most in a day but this got me in deep.
The main character of Sati dies in the final part and I had to stop reading for a while. It was terrible. I’ve never felt this bad. It is a beautiful story and just the fact that Sati dies put me off the book. I still managed to read it, though. For after that I knew Shiva was going to seek vengeance and I wanted to read it. I was as furious as he was. Thank god he destroyed the city that was responsible for her death, any different the story would have been, I wouldn’t have read it any further.

That’s the thing with reading books, once you get too attached to a character or story, it will stay with you for life. For me books are my best friends. A good book, a cup of coffee, some music and a comfortable cozy place to sit, will make my day.
I can talk about books, about the stories I read forever but most of my friends are not interested, it’s really difficult to keep it all in.

The Happy and Sad Times๐Ÿ‘Š

Sometimes there is a funny incident that I would be reading and I would almost laugh out loud but check myself because my friends stare at me and then I have to tell them the joke, which I can’t because then I have to tell the whole story, else they won’t understand. At home I have got some serious withering looks from my mom when I laugh too loud.
And the flip side is when I feel sad or feel like crying, like it happened with the death of Sati. I usually don’t come out of my room until I’m composed and in control but I read a lot in class too (lectures get too boring) and my eyes well up and all that. I tell my friends or my mom (if I’m at home) and they laugh and then say, “dude chill, it’s just a character.” And they say it in that condensing tone as if I’m a small kid crying coz someone stole my chocolate. So I try avoiding it as much as possible.

The Lost Times๐Ÿ‘Š

And then there is time when you everyone around you are chatting and you are too lost in guessing what happens in the story next that you miss most of the conversation. This can get serious if you are talking to your mom because mom’s get really pissed off if don’t answer them properly. I nod or smile at wrong times or I just keep nodding my head and suddenly she might ask a question and boom!

The Craving Times๐Ÿ‘Š

This is when the story is too good and you didn’t want it to end. It’s like eating ice cream, you always crave for more.

The ‘Too Much’ Times๐Ÿ‘Š

There comes a point where reading too much might cost you friendship, you start reading too much and you stop going out with your friends, reply late to their messages and all that. So I conciously try to avoid this. I set a specific time to read or I read at night and in class, this is because the lectures get too monotonous and boring, you can’t speak to your friends too so I just read, the lecturer will that I’m staring at my book.

The best positive of reading books though, is that it keeps you away from your phone. Phones can get really addictive but can’t really compete with books.
There a lot many positives of reading books but almost every one knows them so more of it later.

PS: I’ve posted after a long time!! I’ve been busy, last year of college and my graduation day got over yesterday.

ยฉ Vaishnavi

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10 thoughts on “Because Books!!

  1. Nice to see you back on WordPress once again. Vaishnavi even i started reading the Shiva Trilogy(Part 1) book. I am looking forwarding for your amazing and interesting blogs in the upcoming days!!!

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  2. So good to see your perspective on books and getting addicted to reading …

    I really like what you said, “The best positive of reading books though, is that it keeps you away from your phone. Phones can get really addictive” ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s always tricky to set aside quality time for friends and books, both are equally important for us, right?

    Keep reading and keep blogging… Have great time, Vaishnavi ๐Ÿ™‚

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