Happy Women’s Day!!!

Happy Women’s Day.
Women’s day is that one day in the year when every guy you know sends you messages on WhatsApp. It’s as if suddenly everyone realise you are a woman, there will be different messages in the images, gifs and videos that make you feel so empowering!! The TV channels put up show’s specially for women, women centred movies and all that. In reality for normal women, today is as normal as it would be on any other day, it really doesn’t matter who sends you a message today or maybe get some flowers or a gift when you are objectified and treated bad when you meet some of them face to face or at your work place.

On the bright side the change is happening, while most of them are understanding and accepting the fact that women are as strong and capable as men, there are a majority of people who still are living in the past century and discriminating women. It might be because they are not educated enough or they just blindly follow their elders. The TV show’s and programmes I told about above, might be a way to create awareness about this subject but it should not just be for this one day, every day should be Women’s Day and every women should be treated equally and with respect.

So y’all women out there enjoy the attention and pretention of empowerment you get on this one day because who knows what happens tomorrow.

Happy Women’s Day again

Image source: (Google, NewsX website)

© Vaishnavi

All rights reserved


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