The Burning Wire: Book Review.

Genre: Crime Fiction, Thriller.

Author: Jeffery Deaver.

Published on: June 2010.

Published by: Simon and Schuster.

Number of pages: 489

Blurb: At home. In your office. On the street. A merciless killer wigha unique weapons l is ready to strike. Electricity is as letajl as it is vital, and it only takes one spark of genius to generate panic and death.

In the meantime, one of the few criminals to have ever slipped Lincoln Rhyme’s net- the assassin known as the Watchmaker- has set his murderous sights on innocent victims, whose identity is as yet unknown….

My Review:

It is an interesting and exhilarating read that keeps you on your toes till you read the last page.
The story is really captivating, with all the plot twists and suspense. The author has managed to get your heart pounding while you read it. The writing was good and I could actually picture the scene that was happening, the surroundings and all. Personally, I think I got a bit too involved in the book, in the characters, it felt like I was there where it was happening and that hasn’t happened to me for a while now.

The story is of a disabled criminalist, Lincoln Rhyme, who still is as efficient in solving crimes as he would have been without any disability.
It’s set in NewYork, in 2009.
The story is convincing and clever. Electricity is used as a weapon in the story, it is something we have taken for granted in our lives and use it without a second thought. Some lunatic is using electricity to kill people by in the city and putting demands impossible to fulfill and Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs with their team are trying to connect the dots together and collar the culprit.

The story gets twisted and changes to a whole different game near the end. Another story of a criminal whom Rhyme has to catch, runs parallel to this story and is interlinked with the main story in a way you could never think.

You never know whose behind the attacks till the end.
Again it has got some science aspects in it but it’s not too much that you loose track of the story.
All the aspects needed in a good thriller are in here.

The characters are alive and the names suit them too. I reckon if I would ever meet a detective or a criminalist, I would certainly think of these characters. They are interesting, engaging and add something to the story. Each character has its own back story, though the author hasn’t gone in detail about that, you can connect with the characters and their situations.

I checked on Good reads before reading the book and found out that this may not be one of the best Deaver books as the story is somewhat repetitive but as this is the first Deaver book that I’ve ever read I feel different about it.

I would say it’s a compelling and well…… Electrifying read. Certainly gives you the chills, thrills and smiles.

My Rating: 4/5*

© Vaishnavi

All Rights Reserved


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