Some Alone Time

It’s so good sometimes to be alone. Of course it is the only option left when your classes get over by 9:30 and you don’t want to go home and hang out with friends but those friends so badly want to go home that they left you alone, and it doesn’t help the fact that this is last semester of college. But I’ve sort gotten used to it now and so I don’t mind staying back alone. I’ve found a good place to hang out too, it’s like two roads behind my college and it’s sort of peaceful. I’m actually sitting on the steps of someone’s office or home or something that is always locked, the best part is it has a wall to one side, and what I like the most is there are weird plants growing here in pots, some pots are upturned and their bottoms are cemented to the ground and some wild bushy plants grow on it and for me it looks beautiful.

In front of it there’s this huge house with a very big gate, and I’ve not seen a single soul there, all the times I’ve been here. They have a garden too and I can constantly hear birds chirping, squirrels running around. This whole road is so silent and has so many big houses. I really like it here.
And now being alone, so my classes got over early today, in fact I had only one class and I didn’t want to go home because………. Well, that’s the story for another time. So hung around with other people from my class but obviously they have all formed a tight kint group and though I’m welcomed and treated good, they have plans and stuff and usually I feel left out, I mean they have there stuff to talk so I don’t stay long and come here.

Right now I’m sitting on the steps of this weird but beautiful place and writing, ear phones on, listening to Homemade Dynamite, and I occasionally take off my ear phones to listen to the birds chirping, which never stops. And I just now noticed that ants have inhibited this place and they just all over the place but thankfully they aren’t bothering me.

It just feels so good, and it helps me write good, when I sit here I just write without thinking. Anyways today something happened and I’m not sure if should mention it here but because if I tell my friends about they will start teasing me I think it’s better to write it here. I would like to say that I don’t like to bitch about my friends, they are good people but I don’t why they have to go home so early and some other things. Anyways so today something happened, I don’t know good or bad……..I have a huge crush on this guy from my class but he has never noticed me before. Today I saw him look at me, I mean he was looking at me and it was only for a moment though, we sort of made eye contact and then both of us looked away. Even yesterday I thought he was looking at me but I dismissed the thought, it was highly unlikely that he would do that but today I’m sure.
I don’t know if it means anything but I so wanted to tell this to someone but I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself so I wrote it here. I’m not sure even now if mentioning it here is a good idea but I couldn’t stop myself.
Oh and I can already feel the change in temperature and I’m really excited that summer is finally here, yay!!

P.s: just as I was about I stop writing I saw a black Audi come out of one of those big building’s, so sure people live here.

Β© Vaishnavi

All Rights Reserved


21 thoughts on “Some Alone Time

  1. Nice post. One quick recommendation. While in abandoned or silent places, please keep the headphones away. It would serve two purposes – One, you would feel more engaged with the environment around you (try this if you go out walking or running… you would really like the feel) and feel one with the surroundings.. birds chirping, conversing amongst themselves and with squirrels.. Two – it would keep you alert… when you are alone in a silent corner. So keep enjoying the silence and the blessed alone-ness. I do that too. πŸ™‚

    Nice to know you are from the South. I too am! πŸ™‚

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