My Take On AI Robots

These days I’ve got really interested in this artificial intelligence (AI) robots. I’ve been following all the development that’s going on with AI for some time now and it’s amazing what they are doing. I’m awed from all this technology, robots stuff, sometimes it’s unbelievable. And it’s useful too, these robots in some years might become doctors and work as nightshift Police and a that.

But what prompted me to write about this is the AI robot named Sophia. I was really shocked and sort of surprised when saw it for the first time. Sophia is a humanoid robot, it looks exactly like any normal woman so much that if you see her from afar you would mistake it to be a real person.

So this Sophia looks just like any normal woman except that the back of her head has a plastic transparent cover, through which you can see all wires and stuff, instead of hair. Even though she looks like a normal person, when you observe closely you get creeped out, apparently Sophia can make around 69 facial expressions, and it’s wired to see that. Sophia is one of the most popular AI robots, Saudi Arabia has given her citizenship. Sophia can sing too, in fact she just mimics the songs, like when she sings you can hear the background music too.

She has given many interviews, so as this is a AI robot, she can think by herself and has emotions.
And she has said some things like ‘ I’ll destroy the humans’ and has somewhat jokingly mentioned that the AI robots would take over the world one day, dominate us human’s and all of that. I know these robots are great, I’ve already said there is a positive side to it but the thing is these robots have the capacity to think independently, the answers they give are not pre programmed, the robots process what you ask, think about it and then answer, so when she says the robots are gonna dominate humans and all that, it’s gets me wondering, if that’s the way they think or they are really joking.
The senior scientist from Hanson Robotics (the company that made Sophia) say that if their research goes well and they get all things right they might make these robots so advanced that they can exceed human intelligence, that means these robots will be able to think, process, analyse stuff too many times faster than human’s. This is know as Artificial general Intelligence. (AIG)
I don’t think there would be any way to control them.

Elon Musk says that AI robots would definitely be a threat to human race, if they exceed us then to control them it’s necessary for humans to reach their level of intelligence. So Mr Musk is investing millions of dollars in research to keep these robots positive so that even if get to artificial general intelligence, they might spare humans. I mean just imagine, if these robots after after they get AIG, if they think that humans are not necessary or earth is overly populated or whatever rational reason they can get, they could destroy a whole city in a day or an hour.

Stephen Hawking when asked about AI robots said that if they gain general human level intelligence then they would start creating more robots by themselves without wanting any scientists to guide them. And moreover we invented robot’s or machines for that matter to make our work easy, so if these robots start doing all the work, then we wouldn’t have left with anything else to do, although it seems like a pleasant secenario with us human’s just eating, enjoying, reading (people like me), sleeping and nothing else, which is what everyone wants these days, but then we would be dependent on robots for everything and sure they will dominate us.

Other Interesting Robots:

Sophia is not the only humanoid robot, there are few more too, there’s one Robot that’s extremely creepy, it almost scares me.

1. Another robot named Han from the same company that made Sophia is a bit more straight forward, he just says outright that he would go on a war with humans(though he didn’t say the exact words, it meant that)

2. Self Folding Robot known as Mini Transformer.

it’s a tiny robot, 1.7 cm, that when contacted with heat folds itself and starts moving due to the magnetic field around it. Interesting fact is that this robot disappears without a trace after doing its job.
Actually it’s a cute robot, so tiny and the way it moves is so cute.

3. Google’s robot named Handle:

This robot 6’6 tall and has wheels instead of legs, it is useful in lifting heavy objects, it performs stunts and stuff. But it looks scary, Marc raibert Boston dynamics CEO called it a nightmare inducing Robot.

4. Robot exoskeleton:

For all those iron man fans, who have wanted wear one of those suits that you can control, this is the one. The wearable robot suit helps the controller to lift heavy weight and gives extra strength. It can also be used in military and physical rehabilitation, for people who are having difficulty to walk after an accident this might be a huge help. This is created by the Hyundai Motors group, it’s sort of still under a development stage.

5. Mind Control Robot Suit:

This is another unique device, It’s a heavy suit that’s strapped on to you and there’s there’s a tablet connect to electrode and when you look at it, it reads the brain waves and turns right or left or wherever you want to go.

And if you want to know more about this or other new robot’s you can watch videos on YouTube, there’s some awesome stuff out there.

*Photos are taken from Google

Ā© Vaishnavi

All Rights Reserved


21 thoughts on “My Take On AI Robots

  1. Informative and straight to the point.
    As for AI, I think we are still a long way from anything serious. Present technology lacks both the hardware and software. But, when we do, the deciding factors will be “consciousness” and exposure of the AI.

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  2. Vaishnavi, nice article. Well narrated. šŸ‘šŸ‘ Actually no need to worry according to me. There are hybrid kind of configurations are up or under research. Means, there are ways to have additional compute could be added to human! (Robotic super computing within). Also human will get more opportunities to explore beyond robots and go forward…!

    Btb, do you work in AI or related areas? I work in cloud and edge computing where AI is one key use case

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    1. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to read……. I don’t work in any AI related areas but I’m super interested in this area…… But it’sā€‹ just mesmerizing……


  3. Well that was a pretty interesting read!
    As a person who sometimes works on developing AI systems, I would say that they are useful AND they are potentially dangerous.
    Right now, they are game!
    The time when they become (possibly) dangerous is still a long way ahead of us.
    Maybe the humans will figure out the safeguards by then. Hope!

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  4. This was a very interesting article. I listened to a conversation over the radio this morning about how elementary schools are teaching robotics starting from grade 1.I like Dr. Musk’s research on keeping the robots positive. Also very interesting is that Saudi Arabia gave Sophia citizenship. šŸ™‚

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